Community Groups

Community Groups: A Community Group is a small home meeting where strong relationships are established and where loving fellowship happens, and Jesus is the center. These groups meet weekly in different homes for worship, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship. Outreach and ministry takes place in each group, where a person’s gifts are discerned and members are encouraged to use their gifts.   

Community Groups run in thirteen week cycles focused on a particular area of study or spiritual life.  Everyone who is part of the Gospel Light community is encouraged to participate in a Community Group.  After each thirteen week trimester, there will be several weeks off for rest and fellowship, following which people may stay in the same group or join (or form) a new one.  

Fall Trimester 2017

Tuesday & Wednesday:

Community Group

Tues: 7:00pm Higher Ground @ GLCC

Tues: 7:00pm Robert & Lori Velez @ 1322 Pembroke St. (Couples Only)                                                    

Wed: 7:15pm Michael & Jill Mahoney @ 222 Charles Street (Open to all)

Wed: 7:00pm Ulysses Delvalle @ 997 Birmingham St. (Men Only)

Wed: 7:00pm Amy Vazquez @ 149 Whitney Ave  (Women Only)

Wed: 7:00pm Justin Phillips @ 41 Federal  Street Kidzport on the 3rd third floor         (Young Adult)

Fireproof Youth Community Group , led by Gabrielle Phillips and Sophia Stewart.

 Everyone 13-18 is welcome.   We will meet on the first floor of 41 Federal Street.  645-9

Kidzport Children’s Community Groupled by Lauren Miller & Tinesha Sneed
Focus: Children 4-12, Basics of Christianity,Armor of God, Books of the Bible.
Contact#: 917-463-7590
Meeting Time: 700pm 2nd Floor 41 Federal Street






When meeting at 41 Federal Street use rear entrance.