Money Matters Week 3


Pastor Josh continues the September series “Money Matters” with a message about Mr. Spend A. Lot.


Opening verse: Prov 21:20
I. Prioritize your spending
2 Cor 9:6
Prov 21:20
*During this point I want to show 2 lists. The first list can be shown by itself first
Mr Spendalots way:
1. Lifestyle
2. Taxes
3. Debt repayment
4. Savings and investing
5. Giving
Result= overspent, stressed
*The second list below i am wanting to show side by side with the first one after I explain the first list.
Gods Way:
1. Giving
2. Saving and investing
3. Debt repayment
4. Taxes
5. Lifestyle
Result= content, secure 
II. Buy what you can afford 
-Prov 22:7
III. Be content with what you have
-Phil 4:12-13
IV. Look beyond your next check
-Gen 41:34-36