Sermons by Joshua Miller

Joshua Miller is famously “Member #1” of Gospel Light. (His parents founded the church in 1982) He has served as cell leader, worship leader, teacher, and Elder, and is currently the Associate Pastor.

Serves Up Week 1

Pastor Josh launches our November series “Serve’s Up” with a message called “Giver’s Delight.” Opening: Mark 10:45, Matt 20:26 Main Passage:  2 Cor 8:1-5 I. Giving is a grace work 2 Cor 8:1, Eph 2:8-9 II. Generosity is stronger than poverty  2 Cor 8:2-3, 1 Kings 17:12:16 III. Giving is automatic for those who have…

Roots Week 4

The final week in our “Roots” series,  Broken Branches   Main Passage: Rom 11:11-24 I. Share the root Rom 11:17, Gal 3:9 II. Scared by grace Rom 11:18-20, Luke 5:26 III. Show kindness Rom 11:21-24, Rom 2:4 Video in beginning of sermon:

Roots Week 2

Pastor Josh explores some of the history of Gospel Light in a message called “Remember”   Opening: Deut 16:16 Main Passage: Lev 23:39-43 I. Remember Dependence on God Lev 23:39, Psa 20:7 II. Remember our fragility Lev 23:42, Psa 39:5 III. Remember the journey Lev 23:43, Neh 8:17-18, Psa 77:11-14

Roots Week 1

In a month where we celebrate Israel, Pastor Josh launches our October series, Roots. Title: Why Israel? Main Passage: Gen 12:1-3 I. Place Gen 12:1, 4-7, Gen 17:8, Gen 26:1-3, Gen 35:10-12 II. People Gen 12:2a, Deut 7:6-7, Rom 11:1 III. Promise Gen 12:2b-3a, Deut 7:8 IV. Purpose Gen 12:3b, Isa 49:6, John 4:22

Money Matters Week 5

After a brief mini-sermon from Andrew, one of our young preachers, Pastor Josh wraps up the Money Matters series with a message entitled:  Turning a Mountain into a Molehill   In 2018 US consumer debt reached $13.3 Trillion! Credit card: $834 Billion Mortgage Debt: $9.4 Trillion Personal loans: $291 Billion (fasted growing) Student loans: 1.37…

Money Matters Week 3

  Pastor Josh continues the September series “Money Matters” with a message about Mr. Spend A. Lot.   Opening verse: Prov 21:20   I. Prioritize your spending 2 Cor 9:6 Prov 21:20 *During this point I want to show 2 lists. The first list can be shown by itself first Mr Spendalots way: 1. Lifestyle 2.…

Money Matters Week 1

Our September message series on Finance and Stewardship begins this week. Watch video before listening to sermon:   Who Am I? Main passage: Luke 16:8-13 I. Invest in people Luke 16:8-9, Prov 11:25 II. Be faithful in the small things Luke 16:10-11, Matt 25:21 III. Be faithful in what’s not yours Luke 16:12, Psa…

Prepare Week 3

Pastor Josh closes out our August series Title: Unconventional Main passage: Acts 10:9-16, 27-28 Intro: Eph. 3:20 I. Unconventional timing Acts 10:9-10, Eph 5:16-18 II. Unconventional message Acts 10:11-16, Mark 7:19, Prov 3:5-6 III. Unconventional people Acts 10:27-28, I Cor 1:26-27 Here is the opening clip

Sons & Daughters Week 4

Title: no longer a slave Main passage: Rom 8:12-17 I. Death vs Life Rom 8:13-14, Gal 5:17 II. Fear vs comfort Rom 8:15, I John 4:18 III. Destitution vs inheritance Rom 8:17, John 16:15 IV. Meaningless suffering vs Purposeful suffering Rom 8:17, 2 Cor 4:17