Sermons on Evangelism

Kingdom Evangelism – Just Do It

Pastor Pedro continues the “Can I get a Witness?” series Main Verses Mark 16:15-20    Matthew 4:23-25 Mark 16:15    Mark 16:20 I. Keys to Sharing the Gospel (Mark 16:20) 1.) Obedience 2.) Preach Everywhere Acts 4:18-20 3.) The Lord will work with you. Acts 1:8 4.) God’s Word will be confirmed by the signs…

God’s Commission, My Mission

    Matthew 28:19-20 Main Text: Acts 13:1-3 Acts 11:26 1. The Holy Spirit Calls (v.2) Romans 8:28-30 2. The Local Church Sends (v.3) A.) Recognize Matt. 9:37-38 B. ) Identify Numbers 8:10 Deut. 34:9 1Tim. 4:14 C.) Sent – Released – Support 2Cor. 9:8-12

The Woman at the Well: Evangelism Part 1

  John 4:7-13 John 4:1-6 First, the reason Jesus left Judea was to avoid a growing controversy. Second, was the route Jesus chose to take on his journey to Galilee. Third, Jesus intended to stop where he did to rest.   I. He Started with a Common Point of Interest or Contact (v. 7-8) II.…