Besides our Cell Groups, Gospel Light has many ministries that are focused on specific needs in our community. 

Pro Life Outreach

Gospel Light has a strong Pro-Life presence in our city.  The vision of this ministry is to see men and women take action and choose life for their unborn babies. It also reaches out to men and women personally affected by abortion, with a message of forgiveness and healing that comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  

You can often find GLCC members outside of abortion clinics on days services are provided, praying and encouraging women to choose life.



Our Deacons ministry provides for needs of our members and our community, both financial and physical.

Agape Prayer Ministry

This is a ministry that helps people find forgiveness and help to break bondages in their lives. This ministry seeks to bring deliverance and heal wounds from past hurts.

Crown Ministries

A small group study that utilizes products and resources from Crown Financial Ministries of Gainesville, GA. It is dedicated to teaching biblical principles of stewardship with practical applications that lead to financial freedom. The course is held on a weekly basis for 13 weeks.